Every business needs copywriting

The Creative Advertising team exists so that you can focus on the success of your business, without worrying about the communication tools and advertising creation in the form of texts, which your business needs to grow in the online and offline environment.

Creative Advertising offers comprehensive copy and content writing and social media marketing services. In other words, we write promotional texts and content both online and offline as needed, for your business to grow organically.

What do we do differently and what distinguishes us from our peers in the market?

First of all, let’s clarify an aspect that we want you to understand: absolutely every business in the world needs copywriting!

In accordance with this statement, we believe that absolutely every person who does or wants to do copywriting and offers their services in this direction has or must make their way on the market! We do not believe in competing with our fellow freelancers or other marketing agencies, because everyone has their own style, direction, and niche for whom they work or to whom they are addressed. 

What makes us different from others?

We believe in compatibility between people, both in interpersonal and professional relationships because these compatibilities have always helped us to create valuable links with our partners and clients. What do we do differently? Everything! We work extremely privately with each client, we pay all attention to the needs and purpose of each client for which we dedicate our time, attention, and creativity to the work done. If you think these are just words, come see what it is about!


People often confuse copywriting (advertisements) with content writing for various sources. The main difference between a copy text and a content text consists, first of all, in the purpose for which that text is written or is to be made.

Content writing

If you passed by the COPYWRITING section, you already understood what we do in that segment, and now it’s time to clarify what we can include in the content writing category. If the text is intended to produce content for a web page or for social networks, in the form of text, graphics, images, or videos, in order to ensure a remarkable presence in the online environment, then it is called content text or content.

Social Media Marketing

While some businesses manage their social media pages internally (in-house) and only need extra value through some creative, attractive, and good-quality posts and texts, other companies prefer to outsource the management of these pages and take a burden off their shoulders altogether.

Every business in the world needs copywriting!

Who we are and who you will work with if you opt for the Creative Advertising team



She loves writing, she’s passionate about traveling, and she’s a professional dancer. She likes challenges, and new projects and never gives up. Gabi leads the creative business with all her heart, devotion, and creativity!



Full of positive energy and enthusiasm, she is a true professional in communication. She loves working with people and always has a good word for everyone. She’s the creative one in this extraordinary mechanism.


Podcaster and TikTok specialist

Journalist with 18 years of experience in various media projects, Radu is our official voice! He makes podcasts, voiceovers for radio commercials and specializes in successful wave-making Tik-Tok content! Although he’s passionate about what he does, few know that he recently fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a football coach, while also being a full-time dad and husband. Radu is officially a creative member!



As a former journalist, she has a great talent for writing content in Hungarian. She is very attentive to details, likes to do a lot of research in the field, and she’s passionate about her work.



She loves French literature and travel, and in our team, she’s writing and planning creative texts in French, as well as in Romanian.



She is our contributor for content in English and German. She is a person who is attentive to details, has a creative nature, and easily integrates into our work.